Hi everyone.

Our theme for this week’s IELTS exercises will be food.

One of my favourite blogs is Gabriela Lupu’s Cooking Without Limits, which combines recipes with food photography.  The photos are gorgeous (look at the chocolate cake image above!), but as I was reading through the recipes recently I realized that food writing has its own vocabulary and grammar rules that are important for IELTS study.   So this might be the only English language course that will also improve your skills in the kitchen!

As usual, I will post an exercise for each of the four IELTS skills;

Tuesday’s reading exercise will be an article about food.  You will be asked to complete sentences relating to the article.

Wednesday’s writing exercise will be based on the IELTS Writing Task 2 format.  Quite a few people struggle with the IELTS “Discuss both views and give your own opinion” format, so we will use it for a food-related topic.

Thursday’s listening exercise will be a recording of me giving a lecture on how to cook something, even though I am a terrible cook.  (Taking cooking advice from me is a bit like taking advice on diplomacy from Donald Trump). You will be asked to respond to questions in the short-answer format

Friday’s speaking exercise will require you to speak for two minutes on a personal food interest.

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Good Luck!