The Band 9 Program

For some people, achieving their goals requires high scores across all IELTS skills.  Canada, for example, has an express stream for residency applicants who have achieved an 8-7-7-7 IELTS score.  Most students need more than just essay corrections or video courses to reach such scores, and so Ben McBride of IELTS For All and I teamed up to create an intensive online teaching course across the four IELTS skills.

The Band 9 program will give you:


  • Higher writing scores through weekly essay corrections, our IELTS writing strategy course, writing workshops, and IELTS grammar instruction.
  • Higher reading scores  through weekly vocabulary tests, reading exercises across all IELTS question types (True/False/Not Given, Matching Information, Fill In The Blanks, etc.), a reading strategy course, and weekend reading practice.
  • Higher listening scores through weekly listening exercises across all IELTS question types, a listening strategy course, and weekly supplementary listening exercises
  • Higher speaking scores through weekly speaking exercises covering Tasks 1,2, and 3, a speaking strategy course, and a live speaking practice exam every two weeks.

In addition, we have a live Q&A chat session every Monday where students can put questions directly to Ben and I, and a private Facebook group where you can share experiences and questions with other students.

The Band 9 program costs $50 per month.