About Me

Hi. My name is Mike Griffiths.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia originally, but moved to Singapore in 2006.  I started doing private English tuition in Singapore at the request of some local friends.  Gradually, I began to get more and more request from people who were studying for the IELTS exam.

I created this website in order to help those struggling to achieve their target IELTS scores.  I don’t have any secret methods, just an ability to understand where students are struggling the most.  My approach is tailored to each student, addressing the weakest areas first and progressively moving toward the more advanced skills.

In 2018 I teamed up with Ben McBride, an IELTS teacher from the USA who lives in Korea.  Together we have created the Band 9 program, an intensive IELTS course that covers all four IELTS skills.

I am a great believer in lifelong learning, and I am currently working towards a Master of History.  I already have a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from RMIT, a Graduate Diploma of Business from Deakin University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Language and Asian Studies from the University of New England.mike bjj

In my spare time I enjoy reading and training Brazilian Ju Jitsu (yes, I know that’s an odd combination).

I would love to hear your story too.  Contact me by email at bambootuition@gmail.com.