Wrapping Up the July Workshop

Hi everyone.

Today is the final day of the July Writing Workshop.

To everyone who has participated in the Workshop please let me extend my congratulations.  The improvement that I have seen in your writing over the last 30 days has been quite remarkable.  All of you have begun to write 7-score essays, and in some cases essays that are close to an 8.

The purpose of this Workshop was to demonstrate what I believe to be the simplest approach to scoring 7+.  As you have seen from some of the discussions on the IELTS For All page, there are other approaches that are equally valid.  For example, in the Band 9 course we also teach an Outline C, which can be used when you want to strongly agree or disagree or when you really only have one idea that you want to build your essay around.  This was too complex to include in a 30-day course, but is another very useful approach to consider.

For those of you who want to continue to develop your writing skills, our Band 9 program will allow you continued access to the video library, the Workshop materials, as well as personalised guidance from Ben and I.

If you have an IELTS exam due soon, please remember that the key to successful writing is time management.  I did not suggest time limitations when writing the twelve essays as I felt it was more important to work on structure and technique, but once you have mastered these elements it is important to practice completing your essays in 40 minutes.

I will continue to review and score your essays, and you can continue to submit your essays up to 7 August.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish each one of you every possible success.


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