A 7+ score essay grom the Writing Workshop

On Day 18 of the Workshop we move to writing full Task 2 essays, implementing the skills covered over the previous 17 days.  The very first essay prompt is one of the most challenging:

Over the last few decades, the media has promoted the image of young thin women as being ideal. What problems has this caused? What solutions can you suggest to this issue?

Here is a 7+ score response submitted by one of our participants.

People have long been influenced by the media and its perspective about anything and everything. Of late, the media has been focusing on projecting the image of an ideal women being slim and young which has led to multiple issues. In this essay, I will discuss the problems associated with this and suggest couple of solutions to fight the condition.

The problems associated with media portraying lean young women as ideal, are many. To begin, women who are not so thin and young suffer damage to their self-esteem and confidence. A not so ideal women, as per the media metrics, will not feel comfortable interacting with others or even making a public appearance, let alone appearing for an interview or forging a successful career.  Moreover, in order to achieve or maintain an ideal image, they may fall prey to risky diets and harmful chemical treatments resulting into poor health conditions. Some diets, like the GM diet and other quick fixes do more harm than good.

There are two effective solutions to the problems stated above. One way to deal with the situation is by ensuring the media focuses on and brings into THE limelight the healthy old women as much as they have the thin young women. By doing this, the general public will have a change in their perspective and respect every woman equally. Another way to tackle the condition is through the Government taking action against the media, restricting them from instilling biases in the society. This will keep the media under control from broadcasting information which leads to partiality like the unnecessary importance given to thin young women.

In conclusion, the media’s attempt to portray slim and young women as ideal has led to issues in women like low self-esteem and higher health risks due to improper diets and chemical treatments followed to achieve or maintain an ideal image. If the media and the government take above stated corrective measures like promoting women of any shape and age equally this will definitely solve the issues. 

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