Early Results from the Writing Workshop

Hi everyone.

We are at Day 17 of the Writing Workshop, and the participants are well on their way to achieving 7+ scores.  Here is one sample of two body paragraphs written in response to this prompt:

Many processed foods and ready-made meals contain preservatives and chemicals. What are the advantages to this? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

(The student believes that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages)

Some people argue that it is advantageous to add preservatives to processed food They are convinced that the chemical preservation of food will increase its shelf life. As a result of extended life, food will be readily available off season; people will not have to wait for so long to eat their favourite food products at any particular time of the year. Moreover, as additives in food will hinder the growth of microscopic organisms, such as fungus, bacteria, and viruses responsible for the degradation of food items, it may be exported to numerous countries which will boost the overall growth of economy as well as create employment in chemical and food industries which will surge the production level.

I believe, however, that the disadvantages associated with using chemicals and preservatives in food outweigh any advantages. Firstly, adding supplements and foreign chemicals to food may result in unforeseeable health problems. Although they extend the life duration of food commodities, these substances may reduce nutritional value which will have detrimental effects on health. Secondly, fresh food contains a range of vitamins and other vital minerals which are necessary for the mental and physical growth of the body. Usage of various additives may degrade their values and some even destroy the original properties of those minerals by treating them with bleaching agents such as sodium. Henceforth, it leads to some health issues and the loss of nutrients in food items.

This essay is well on-track for a 7+ score.

Our August Workshop will be commencing in two weeks.  We already have 57 registrations, so if you would like to join please drop me a line soon.


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