A tip from the July Writing Workshop

Hi everyone.

One of the topics we have covered in the Writing Workshop so far is how to write 7+ score introductions.

One key point is that for certain types of essays, you can leave your opinion out of the introduction provided you have made it clear that your opinion will be presented later on.  This is achieved by using an outline statement.

“In this essay I will discuss both sides of this issue, and offer my own opinion.”

One of our students presented the following outline statement:

“This essay will discuss both of these views before drawing a conclusion.”

Can everyone see the problem here?

Drawing a conclusion is NOT the same as giving an opinion.  It almost suggests that the writer is not yet sure of what his or her position is.  This outline statement places the essay at risk of being scored low for TA, because it is not clearly stating that an opinion will be presented.

When it comes to presenting your views or your intentions, do not be tempted to show off fancy vocabulary.  These are critical points in your essay – use clear, simple English to make sure that you cannot be misunderstood.



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