Extending the July Workshop

Hi everyone.

Yesterday was officially the end of our free trial period for the July Writing Workshop.  However, a number of people have contacted me and pointed out that I gave rather short notice of this, particularly given differing time zones and the fact that not everyone logs in to the Workshop at the same time every day.

These are reasonable points, and so we have decided to extend the free trial period until Day 9.  For those of you who have not yet arranged payment, don’t worry, you will have access for two more days!

Just as a reminder, continuing the Workshop will mean:

  • 23 more Workshop lessons, covering body paragraphs for Outlines A and B, plus lessons on conclusions, grammar strategies, and cohesion/coherence.
  • 12 essay corrections
  • Access to the full Band 9 teaching program. You have seen some of the videos from the Writing Course – Band 9 covers this plus Reading’ Listening and Speaking.
  • Access to our private Band 7, Band 8,Band 9 Facebook group

I have also received a number of requests to expand the workshop to include Task 1 essays.  Ben McBride and I are looking into this, and will give a further update soon.


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