Writing Workshop Update 3

Only 7 more days until our July Writing Workshop begins!

We registered 100 people for the Workshop within 48 hours this week, at which point I opened applications for the August workshop.  Since then I have had requests from a number of people who are sitting IELTS exams at the end of July and so cannot wait until August.  I  have accommodated as many of these people as I can, which means we will start next week with 123 participants!

During the Workshop I will welcome any questions or comments you may have.  In order that everyone in the Workshop may benefit from these discussions I will ask you to post your questions on IELTS For All, a private Facebook Group established by Ben McBride and I.  To post a question, or review those posted by others, you will first need to apply to join the Group so please do so as soon as possible.  You can find the IELTS For All page here.

By the way, Ben McBride is my IELTS teaching colleague, and you will see and hear a lot more of him during the Workshop.  Ben is American, and works as Professor of English at a Korean university.

I will have further updates for you next week.





















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