Writing Workshop Update 2

Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for registering for the Writing Workshop!  The response has been overwhelming – we reached our July capacity of 100 registrations in just 48 hours.Some further details on the Workshop.  The program will begin on 1 July and run for 30 days.  The content for each day will be available from a page on my website (I will forward you the web page address soon) and there will be exercises for you to submit for checking almost every day.  You will receive your feedback within 24 hours of submission.The purpose of the Workshop is to teach you exactly how to write a 7+ Task 2 essay in a form that you will be able to remember and reproduce under exam conditions.  We will cover every type of essay prompt, and answer a lot of your questions about giving both sides, achieving cohesion, using idioms, etc.  The daily Workshop schedule is as follows:1. Orientation2. Our 12 essay prompts3. How to generate ideas4. Our 2 essay structures – A&B5. Introductions – Paraphrasing6. Introductions – Outline A7. Introductions- Outline B8. Topic Sentences – Outline A9. Topic Sentences- Outline B10. BP1 Outline A11. BP2 Outline A12. BP1 Outline B13. BP2 Outline B14. Conclusions 15. Cohesion and Coherence16. Complex Sentences17. Grammar and Vocabulary18-29 Essay submissions30. Workshop ConclusionIn addition, you will also receive automatic memberships of the Band 9 IELTS teaching program that I run together with Ben McBride.  This is a daily program of exercises covering all four IELTS skills, and gives you access to instructional videos, live speaking exams, a private Facebook page, and a weekly live Q&A session.  You can take a look at ieltslessons4u.com. Choose the Band 9 program, and there is even a free trial if you would like to review the lessons and submit an essay for scoring.  I will be in touch again next week.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Mike

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