The Environment


Hi everyone.

Our theme for this week’s IELTS exercises will be the environment, a very common topic in recent IELTS essay questions.

Tuesday’s reading exercise will be based on the True/False/Not Given format which many people find to be difficult.  There will also be some vocabulary exercises to help you prepare for the reading.

Wednesday’s writing exercise will be a Task 2 exercise that appeared on a recent IELTS Exam.

Thursday’s listening exercise will be a recording of me reading another article related to the environment.  You will be asked to fill in the blanks.

Friday’s speaking exercise will be a special exercise focusing on strategies for Task 2 Speaking.

If you have registered with The IELTS Guy, you will receive suggested answers by email over the weekend.

If you have subscribed to The IELTS Guy, you will receive personalized feedback on your responses.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!



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