Band 9 IELTS Speaking

Hi everyone.

Today we will look at Speaking Part 1.

Below is a list of questions that are related to our theme of transport. Do not review these questions until you are ready to begin, as it is important that you should practice responding to questions without any preparation.

Subscibers to The IELTS Guy will be submitting their response for review, so have a recording device ready to use.

Once you are ready, begin recording and read out the first question below, and then provide your ®response, as though you are interviewing yourself. Continue through to the end of the questions (there are 11 in total).

OK, so let’s begin.

Today I would like to ask you some questions about transport.

What are the most popular modes of transport in your home town?

What mode of transport do you normally take to get to school/work/ or shopping?

How long does the trip normally take?

Have you ever had any problems during the journey?

What kind of public transport services operate in your home town?

How good are the public transport services in your home town?

Do you think public transport services should be privately owned? Why?

Is traffic congestion a problem that you encounter?

What do you think are the main causes of traffic congestion?

What do you think might improve traffic congestion?

How well do the police in your country enforce road laws?



As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!



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