Band 9 IELTS

Hi everyone.

This week marks the start of a really exciting new venture for The Ielts Guy.  I have teamed up with Ben McBride from IELTS For You to offer a new, intensive monthly IELTS training program with daily exercises, mock tests, live feedback sessions, grammar tutorials – everything that you would ever need to achieve a high IELTS score.  If you like to learn more, please message me or contact Ben on his Facebook page at

My daily lesson schedule will continue as usual.  This week, in celebration of the new IELTS 9 programme, I will be posting some samples of the Band 9 Exercises that I have prepared.  The theme will be transport.

On Tuesday I will post a combined Vocabulary lesson and an IELTS Reading Exercise.

On Wednesday I will post a Task 1 Writing Exercise, using two Pie charts, and explaining how to approach such questions.

On Thursday I will post an IELTS Listening Exercise, with instructions on listening strategies.

On Friday I will post an IELTS Speaking Exercise on the transport theme.

rcise will be a recording of me reading another article related to family.  You will be asked to match headings.

If you have registered with The IELTS Guy, you will receive suggested answers by email over the weekend.

If you have subscribed to The IELTS Guy, you will receive personalized feedback on your responses.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!



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