Transport – IELTS Listening Exercise


Hi everyone.


The recording below is a reading of an article published by the Brookings Institution on traffic congestion. Listen to the recording and answer questions 1-6.


1. In the United States, the majority of people seeking to travel during rush hour use:

A. Private vehicles

B. Trains

C. Buses


2. America’s basic traffic problem is that:

A. The road system is outdated

. The road system in overly complex

C. The road system cannot cope with peak hour loads


3. One of the problems with charging road tolls is that:

A. They do not reduce congestion

B. They are too expensive to collect

C. They favour wealthy drivers


4. Building more roads is not an effective solution because:

A. People would simply buy more cars

C. It would be too expensive

There is no room for more roads in our cities.


5. In the United States in 2000, what percentage of all commuters travelled by public transport?

A. 10.3%

B. 8.4%

c. 4.7%


6. The only way to manage excess demand for roads during peak hour is to:

A. Provide better public transport

B. Build more roads

C. Have people wait in line




Good Luck!


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