History – IELTS Suggested Answers


Hi everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed our exercises this week.  My suggested responses are as follows:


The commonsense view states that there are certain basic facts which are the same for all historians.

The historian is entitled to rely on the auxiliary sciences of history.

Journalists know that the best way to influence public opinion is by the selection and arrangement of the appropriate facts.

A fact is said to be like a sack, because it won’t stand up until you put something in it.

The reason for interest in the Battle of Hastings is that historians regard it as a major historical event

It is preposterous to believe that a hard core of historical facts exists independently of the interpretation of the historian.


In most IELTS Writing 1 tasks involving pie charts you will be given 2 or more charts to compare.  For this exercise, I presented only one pie chart to give you the opportunity to practice description without the complication of needing to compare charts.

This pie chart shows the choice of thesis category made by students studying history at a university in 2018.  Seven different thesis categories are depicted, and the results are given as percentages.  Overall, Ancient Greece and The Reformation were the most popular choices, accounting for half of the total responses.

The single most commonly chosen thesis topic was Ancient Rome with 30%, followed by The Reformation at 20%.  Medieval Europe was next with 17%.  Ancient Greece and The Renaissance were each chosen by 12% of students, and the two smallest proportions of students were represented by Egypt of the Pharoahs and Modern History with 6% and 3% respectively.  END

As you can see, it is possible to fully describe a single pie chart in around 100 words.  When dealing with multiple charts, as we will do in future exercises, it will be important to remember that it is not possible to describe every detail or your essay will run too long.


The answers are:

  1.  B
  2.  C
  3.  A


My suggested response can be viewed below.  Sorry that the video cuts out rather abruptly at the end – my battery ran out!


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As always, comments and feedback are welcome.  Next week we will be creating exercises around the theme of Crime.










Good Luck!


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