History – IELTS Listening Exercise


Hi everyone.

This week’s listening exercise is based on the IELTS multiple choice format.

Listen to the reading in the attached video clip, and answer the following questions:

Choose the correct answer: A, B or C.

1  At Stalybridge Wakes in 1850, a gingerbread vendor was

A.  arrested by police

B.  kicked to death

C.  identified as a famous historian


2  When the author studied ancient history, his special subject was:

A.  Athens

B.  Corinth

C.  Greece in the period of the Persian Wars


3.  History has been called:

A.  an enormous jigsaw with a lot of missing parts

B.  a manageable compass

C.  membership of a select club





As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!


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