Sports – IELTS Weekly Review


Hi everyone.

Our theme for this week’s IELTS exercises was Sports.  For registered IELTS Guy users I will be forwarding my suggested answers to you by email over the weekend.  For subscribers, please don’t forget to submit your writing, reading, listening and speaking responses to me for personalized correction and feedback.

You may also have seen that I posted a suggested approach to structuring a Writing Task 2 essay during the week.  Many students appear to be relying on set essay structures, such as the Introduction-On the one hand-On the other hand- Conclusion format.  While I know that this is intended to make sure that you score points, it is only valuable if the format is appropriate to the question and you know how to structure sentences that begin with those words.

If your essay question ask you to explain your view or to argue one case only, using terms like “on the one hand” makes it sound like you are not sure of your own opinion.  This means your essay will have a lack of clarity and you will lose marks.

There is an English expression called “sitting on the fence”.  It means that a person doesn’t give an opinion – instead of choosing one side or the other they stay in the middle.  You cannot do that in an argumentative essay!

I will be setting a new theme for next week’s IELTS exercises on Monday.

As always, I welcome your comments.



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