Hi everyone.

In honour of the Winter Olympics currently taking place in South Korea I thought we would make sports the theme for this week’s IELTS Exercises.  If you have been watching any of the Olympics you might have picked up some new vocabulary that will help!

As usual, I will post an exercise for each of the four IELTS skills;

Tuesday’s writing exercise will be based on the IELTS Writing Task 1 format. You will be shown a graph and asked to describe the information that it presents.

Wednesday’s reading exercise will be a passage on my favourite sport of Brazilian Ju Jitsu. You will be asked to match headings to each of the paragraphs in the passage.

Thursday’s listening exercise will be a lecture on a sports-related topic, where you will be asked to respond in the short-answer format

Friday’s speaking exercise will require you to speak for two minutes on a personal sports interest.

If you have registered with The IELTS Guy, you will receive suggested answers by email over the weekend.

If you have subscribed to The IELTS Guy, you will receive personalized feedback on your responses.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!


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