Healthcare – IELTS Weekly Review


Hi everyone.

Our theme for this week’s IELTS exercises was Healthcare.  For registered IELTS Guy users I will be forwarding my suggested answers to you by email over the weekend.  For subscribers, please don’t forget to submit your writing, reading, listening and speaking responses to me for personalized correction and feedback.

Something that I have seen from the responses already submitted is the incorrect use of advanced vocabulary.  I know that in the IELTS exam you will be marked on your lexical range (which means the breadth of your vocabulary).  However, there is a danger with using words that you are not familiar with.

For example, an alternative word for “eat” is “consume”.  However, while it is possible to say “I ate hungrily”, you sounds strange if you say “I consumed hungrily”.  Substituting advanced terms for simpler ones may score you more marks for lexical range, but if the grammar is incorrect you will lose marks and your overall score may end up lower!

If in doubt, stick with the vocabulary and grammar that you know!

I will be setting a new theme for next week’s IELTS exercises on Monday.

As always, I welcome your comments.



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