Healthcare – IELTS Listening Exercise

stethoscopeHi everyone.

Today’s listening exercise is a monologue where I provide advice on how to respond when someone near you suffers minor burns.  The video is relatively short (about two minutes).

Listen to the monologue by following the link below, and then answer the following questions:

Question 1

When someone suffers a minor burn, the first thing you should do is:

A.  Call the emergency services

B.  Remove them from the heat source

C.  Remove jewellery or tight clothing

Question 2

What temperature should the water that you use to run over a burn be?

A.  Warm

B.  Cold

C.  Cool

Question 3

You should seek immediate medical attention if you have which of the following symptoms?

A.  Fatigue

B.  Nausea

C.  Fever

Question 4

What is the procedure when clothing is stuck to burned skin?

A.  You should remove it from the burn

B.  You should apply ice over the clothing

C.  You should not attempt to remove the clothing from the burn

Question 5

If your own clothing catches fire, the second thing that you should do is:

A.  Roll to extinguish the flames.

B.  Apply cool water to the burn

C.  Drop to the floor

Should you have any trouble with following the link to the exercise below, you can find it on YouTube by searching under “IELTS Listening Exercise – Healthcare”.

Good luck!







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