Hi everyone!

Our theme for this week’s free IELTS exercises will be Healthcare. To prepare, you might like to do some research on current issues in healthcare, such as ageing populations, healthcare affordability (the cost of medical treatment), the Asian healthcare crisis, and public hospital waiting lists.

As you can see there is some difficult vocabulary, so a little reading beforehand will help!

As usual, I will post an exercise for each of the four IELTS skills;

Tuesday’s writing exercise will be based on the IELTS Writing Task 2 format. You will be asked to give your opinion on a healthcare-related issue and to make suggestions.

Wednesday’s reading exercise will be a passage on the Asian healthcare crisis. You will be asked to answer questions in the True/False/Not Given format.

Thursday’s listening exercise will be a monologue, giving directions on how to respond to a health-related emergency.

Friday’s speaking exercise will require you to speak for two minutes on a personal health issue.

If you have registered with The IELTS Guy, you will receive suggested answers by email over the weekend.

If you have subscribed to The IELTS Guy, you will receive personalized feedback on your responses.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

Good Luck!




2 thoughts on “Healthcare

  1. Dear ielts mentor,
    I appreciate you for providing us with valuable resources and guidelines when it comes to ielts . I was wondering whether you ‘d like to provide me with guidelines about how to approach two parts writing task two questions?


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